All footwear produced by Garment Project is made from real leather from the inside out. The shoes are made by skilled craftmen in Europe and we try our utmost to guarantee a premium quality product. Leather is a natural material and each hide has its own characteristics. We source our leathers from the best tanneries in Europe to guarantee consistency and high value to all our shoes.

Taking care of your Garment Project shoes ensures that they last longer. Leather upper should be treated regularly, use a good quality cream will help to moisturize the leather and prevents cracking or creasing, always ensure your shoes are dry before applying. Never use liquid polish applicators on leather shoes, it can contain chemicals that destroy natural leather. Suede and Nubuck should be cleaned gently with a suede brush. We recommend Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner for all leather types - suede, leather and nubuck

Please be aware that Suedes and Nubucks can never be made entirely colourfast.If your shoes become wet allow them to dry naturally, never dry them using direct heat or a radiator. Leather shoes can require a day to dry out from natural perspiration – Avoid wearing your shoes on consecutive days. Natural rubber soles can sometimes develop a white powdery surface, this can easily be wiped away with a cloth.